Our Top Nine Instagram Photos of 2015

The World Beneath My Feet went live toward the end of October 2015, and I’m proud of how much it has grown. Shortly after going live we created our instagram account (in November 2015) . I’m surprised by how much I enjoy instagram! Pictures are worth a thousand words, and I love letting my pictures tell the stories of my travels. As 2015 comes to an end, we took a look at our top 9 most popular Instagram photographs. I was surprised by some of the results. Pictures that I never would have thought to be popular were our most liked. Journey with us and our travels through our photographs. Here were our top 9 most popular photos:

1. This was our most popular photo. I was surprised that this was more popular than the photo with Machu Picchu actually in it! However, this is one of my favorite photos from that trip.

2. This picture was taken at the back of Royal Carribean Independence of the Sea ship. We were cruising to Belize and Cozumel. When I took this picture I never thought it would be one of our most popular photos.

#cruisin around the world. #Belize #Cozumel #centralamerica #royalcarribean #worldbeneathmyfeet

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3. I was not surprised to see this photo in our top nine, let alone our top three. This is one of my all time photos from my travels. It was taken at Lamanai Ruins in Belize.

4. The Sacred Valley is such a beautiful place. I loved photographing the Andes Mountians. I think the angle this picture was taken at brings a unique perspective to the picture.

Beautiful Andes mountains. #Peru #girlswhotravel #andesmountain #sacredvalley #travelblogger #worldbeneathmyfeet

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5. How could this photo not be in my top nine? My sweet German Shepherd looks so regal in this photo!

My best buddy hanging out. #germanshepherd #myfurbaby #bestdogintheworld #christmastime #worldbeneathmyfeet #womensbestfriend

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6. The one thing I wanted to see on this trip was Howler Monkeys. I was so excited to be able to see them and photograph them! I was so excited I didn’t care about the ruins anymore!

7. I was surprised this photo wasn’t as popular as the first one. I loved visiting Machu Picchu, though. It definitely deserves a spot on your travel list!

8. Aguas Caliente is the town at the bottom of Machu Picchu. This is where you hop on a bus to ride up to it. I could not believe how beautiful the views were! I had to capture this photo, because it was just so beautiful!

9. I have been obsessing over scratch off maps for awhile. Once I received mine in the mail I had to immediately start scratching everywhere I have been off! It did make me realize how little of the world I have seen!

What a great wrap-up to the year! Happy New Years and here is to a wonderful 2016!