Elephant Pants Review

*This is an affiliate post* 

I first heard about Elephant Pants through one of my travel groups. Everyone that had been to Thailand raved about how comfortable and cheap these pants were. I had never heard of this company, so I decided to head over to their site and see what they were about. Elephant Pants make pants, leggings, tops, jewelry, scarves and tapestries in order to help save Elephants! They donate between $1-$2 per purchase to African Wildlife Foundation. How could I not get behind a company that donates a portion of their profit to help save Wild Elephants?

I have been looking at purchasing a pair of harem pants for awhile, and at the price of $18 I decided to purchase a pair. I honestly had a hard time narrowing it down to just one pair of pants (sigh), but I chose the Raju pants. Each pair of pants is named after an elephant. There is a description of the Elephant the pants are named after, and a blurb about what happened to them.

I ordered my pants around Christmas and received them within 4-5 days. I was surprised with the fast turnaround, especially around the holidays! I currently own one pair of their Raju harem pants, and just recently ordered the tyke harem pants and a bracelet. If you are looking for comfortable pants, at a reasonable price, that donate a portion of proceeds to charity click here to check them. I highly recommend these products- they are perfect for your travels, especially if your headed to Southeast Asia.

*Groundhog day special* Buy three pairs of pants and get a free ellie