Travel Wishlist:

Everyone has that one place they always dream of visiting. I was bit with the travel bug when I was young (I think it started with our moves across the country). I have a never ending list of places that I would like to visit. The following is my never-ending, always adding destinations I would like to visit and experience I would like do:

North America:

– Take a Civil War Road Trip
– Visit British Colombia
– Visit all the Florida State Parks
– Visit Colonial Williamsburg
– Visit Asheville, NC
– Take a railroad trip throughout Canada
– Take a cross country train ride with Amtrak
– Hike in Oregon
– Visit all 50 states

– Stand with the Redwoods
– Gaze into the Grand Canyon
– Go to Yosemite!!
– Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
– Visit the haunted Alcatraz
– Banff National Park
– Niagara Falls
– Yellowstone Park
– The Fingers Lake, NY
–  Visit Wrigley Field  (July 2015)
– Visit Boston
– Visit Polar Bears in Churchill

South/Central/Latin America:

Visit Machu Picchu  (September 2015)
– Take a Amazon River Cruise
– Iguazu Falls
– Patagonia
– Costa Rica
– Canopy Tour in Costa Rica

-Swing at the End of the World, Ecuador


– Visit Scotland (Isle of Sky, Edinburgh, the whole country)
– Stonehenge
– Road trip across England
– See the Black Sea
– Count Dracula’s Castle
– Visit Norway
Visit Ireland (2013)
– Visit Romania
Chase and see the Northern Lights

– Visit Iceland

– Visit Reindeer in Finland

Middle East:

– Petra


– Visit the Falkland Islands
– See Polar Bears in their natural habitat


– Shicheng, China
– Visit a Temple
– Great Wall of China
– Samurai Culture in Japan
– Kyoto Japan
– Mount Fuji

-Go to Yin Peng or Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand

-Go to Bhutan


– See the Big Five in Africa (4/5)
–  Go on a safari
Go on a night safari
– Visit Victoria Falls
–  Ride Camels in the Sahara Desert

-Gorilla Trek in Uganda

-See the Wildbeest Migration

-Spend a night in a desert camp


– Go to as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible (3)
– See Moose in their natural habitat

– Get my scuba diving license
– Cage diving with sharks
Ride in a Helicopter
– Ride in a hot air balloon
– Step foot on all 7 continents (4/7)
– Whale Watching
– Try a food native to every country I visit
Swim with Dolphins (2013)
– Snorkel with Manatees
– Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary

-Snorkel with Whales